What type of coaching do I need?

Life coaching is aimed to help you determine and achieve personal goals in areas like:
• Personal development
• Relationships
• Decision-making
• Work-life balance
• Stress management
• Interpersonal communication
• Time management
• Self-awareness and self-acceptance

Leadership Coaching is a collaborative, individualised relationship between a leader and the coach – the leader could well be an executive, manager, supervisor or business owner for example. It’s a partnership – the aim of which is to bring about sustained behavioural change and transform the quality of the leader’s working and personal life.
Areas of leadership coaching are:
• leadership development
• succession planning & management
• interpersonal or communication skills
• work / life balance
• time management
• presentation and networking skills
• career development & planning
• dealing with conflict
• staff development

In Career Coaching the focus is on your career journey whether that might be at the beginning, middle or twilight of such a journey.

Career coaching is for you if you are:
• dis-satisfied in your job
• want a career change
• cannot see a career path in their current job
• have never found your “niche”
• feel that “there is more out there” for them